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About was founded by Douglas J. Malcolm in 1997. What started as a hobby for a voracious reader and lover of books has blossomed into a one of the Internet’s most popular destinations for book lovers everywhere and an essential avenue for authors to have their publications read, reviewed, and promoted. finds strength in its diversity of viewpoints and cultural affiliations. All are bound by one common thread--the love of good books and the creativity, ideas, thoughts, debates, and intellect found within them. Join on this journey into the creative mind.


For Readers:
Our ever-expanding database of book reviews currently contains more than 6,000 entries. The database is free to all and accessed by book lovers daily to see what others are saying prior to purchasing a book and to garner ideas on new books to read.

For Authors:
In order to effectively promote your work, it is critical to have high-quality book reviews in place. We have two services specifically designed to fill this need.

Standard Book Review Service: Our Standard Review Service is a free book review service offered to authors who are not bound by time restraints. Your book is placed in a pool where our volunteer reviewers may select and review those books that match their interests or expertise. Learn More.

Rapid Book Review Service: Our Rapid Review Service is a premium book review service ideal for authors who desire a fast turnaround (15 days) on a book review written by a professional reviewer. All Rapid Review submissions are screened by the Rapid Review Manager and matched and assigned to professional reviewers. Learn More.

How to Become a Book Reviewer reviewers are located throughout the world and include recreational, volunteer book readers and professional reviewers, all of whom are screened by our Founder. If you are interested in sharing your opinion on books, seeing your name in print, and being recognized as a book reviewer, we’re interested in hearing from you. Learn More.

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