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The Bill James Handbook
by Bill James , Baseball Info Solutions
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Reviewed by: John L. Hoh, Jr.

It's out! The 2012 edition of The Bill James Handbook. This is the handbook that lists the statistics of every player who played in the major leagues in 2011. This is a book fantasy baseball league owners and hard core baseball fans reach for. Did that journeyman player your team trade for have a decent year last year or not? If not, what are the historic stats for that player?

For the players who played in the minors, either those who went up and down throughout the year as well as the regulars who went on rehab assignments, the minor league stats are also given. For those players who were on more than one team in a year, the yearly listing gives the year's stats with the notation "2 TMS" (or another number if more than two teams). The breakdown of the teams is given at the end of the player's stats.

At the back of the book are breakdowns of managerial moves, decisions, and strategies as well as league leaders in the various batting and pitching categories.

Overall a "must-have" book for the hard core baseball fan.

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