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Baseball Prospectus 2012
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Reviewed by: John L. Hoh, Jr.

Baseball fans are a fanatical lot. Even when games aren't played they will discuss their favorite team's strengths and weaknesses, the outlook for the coming league, or what players should be traded or released and what players that team ought to acquire.

They call this off-season of the fans the "Hot Stove League." The name comes, presumably, because men would gather at a general store and sit around a hot stove and discuss potential player moves and trades.

And publishers fill a need for data and observations from experts. Bill James is one such expert. The local columnist may be an expert. Baseball Prospectus is another noted authority.

This book takes a team-by-team look at the rosters of each. The list is alphabetical and is not broken down by league. The rosters obviously become dated as player movements vary. And example is Brooks Conrad listed under the Atlanta Braves, with whom he played in 2011. In 2012 he started the season with the Milwaukee Brewers organization before being released and picked up by the Tampa Bay Rays. Prince Fielder is still listed with the Brewers. Also, it appears the 40 man roster is detailed as several Brewers players saw very little time with the big club last year (2011).

Each player's stats goes back up to four years (if in the minors, the stats are minor league stats). A forecast of what each player will do is also included for the 2012 season. One may want to see how accurate these predictions are. Of course injuries could affect the outcomes.

Mangers for each team are also studied to see what the trends in managerial styles are.

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