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by The Topps Company , Jay Lynch
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Reviewed by: John L. Hoh, Jr.

When I was in grade school, we collected baseball cards. Of course we augmented those with football and basketball cards. These were items easy to collect as they were small and easy to store.

Soon other products entered this realm. One popular series were stickers one could collect. These were called "Wacky Packages". Why the title? Well, the designers took the packages of popular products and using plays on words or altering a letter or three come up with often a less-than-flattering name for the product. The packaging often was worded, as closely to the original as possible, to reflect the sometimes gross, often humorous un-qualities of the products. To be sure gallows humor was often used. The target audience was grade schoolers, after all. We didn't have Cartoon Network and such to appeal to our darker sides.

This book reproduces many, if not all, the stickers in the various series issued. This is welcome as many of the original stickers didn't last long. Sometimes the destruction was done by well-meaning parents and teachers afraid of what these stickers might do to our young minds. The images and details may seem, to some, rather quaint and tame today. So in a sense it shows how we have developed as a society.

And Topps, the company that developed Wacky Packages, even spoofed the Wacky Packages with "Ticks Wormy Packages" ("With 1 stick Stinky bubble gum").

I prefer to use the book to bring back childhood memories.

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