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All Seeing Eye
by Rob Thurman
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Reviewed by: Bob Walch

When he discovered his sister's shoe in the grass, young Jackson Lee's life changed forever. The shoe belonged to his sister, Tess, and it told him something terrible had happened to her. Tess was dead.

His sister's murder triggers more family violence and soon the young boy with his new psychic powers is living in a state run facility. As the years pass Jackson must come to grips with not only his family tragedy but also the unwanted power he now has.

Eventually, as an adult, Jackson ends up performing as the All Seeing Eye with a seedy carnival. His life takes on some semblance of calm as he tries to block out his past, but all that suddenly changes when the government comes calling.

Aware of the psychic-for-hire's abilities, the military needs the young man to assist in the aftermath of a bizarre experiment that has gone very, very wrong. Forced to assist in cleaning up this mess Jackson is also about to learn more about his childhood, his sister's death, his family's massacre and what role he played in it.

Paranormal thriller fans will find this novel highly entertaining and one that they'll pass on to their friends after they have finished. Rob Thurman's work has been compared favorably with the novels of Koontz and Kellerman. You can be the judge if that high praise is merited!

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