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The Walnut Tree: A Holiday tale
by Charles Todd
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Reviewed by: Bob Walch

Lady Elspeth Douglas has a problem. Actually, she has two of them. The young woman is the intended fiancé of a young man who has gone off to fight the Germans as they invade Belgium and then France. Then, Elspeth meets Captain Peter Gilchrist who saves her life when she is caught in enemy shelling in Calais on her way back to England from France. Of course, she finds this gentleman quite attractive also.

Wanting to do her bit to help the war effort, Elspeth becomes a nursing sister, but there are complications on that front as well. With the fighting raging, both her soldiers wounded, and her family objecting to the young woman's battlefield involvement in the conflict, this young aristocrat has her coping mechanism severely tested.

Will she do the right thing and honor her first commitment to what is now a seriously injured young man or follow her heart and try to locate the fellow who saved her life? If this sounds a tad like the popular PBS series "Downton Abbey", that's because this bittersweet love story occurs during the First World War and the key characters would be very comfortable in the hulking manor house so familiar to television viewers.

There are a few surprising developments in this short novel and its title will make sense as you reach the concluding chapter of the book. If you are looking for a quick, well written diversion which features both action and romance, this is the ticket. The mother and son writing team of Charles Todd is known for the many mysteries set during the Great War period they have produced over the years. You'll find this holiday tale about a courageous young woman just as appealing as their other works.

Purchase The Walnut Tree: A Holiday tale from

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