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Picture Your Life After Cancer
by The New York Times
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Reviewed by: John L. Hoh, Jr.

This fascinating book features people who have survived cancer. The New York Times solicited photos and essays from readers who had licked cancer. The result is this heart warming and inspirational book. Each cancer survivor gets to tell his/her story complete with pictures. Some even include pictures of their cancer.

At the back of the book are resources for those seeking help in fighting cancer. There are even resources for children, who can get cancer and/or deal with a parent fighting cancer.

The essays run the gamut from joy to fear to trepidation. Some expressed a fear their cancer may return. Some express the gratitude they have for life now. Cancer has been a life altering experience for most, if not all, the survivors. The essays were to answer the question, "How is your life different after cancer?" The responses are poignant. Not all who responded had cancer themselves. Some helped a loved one fight the disease and wrote about their experience.

The book also invites the reader to see more photos and essays on a web site.

Purchase Picture Your Life After Cancer from

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