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In Praise of Love
by Alain Badiou , Peter Bush
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Reviewed by: John L. Hoh, Jr.

This book is timely, coming as it did for my review a month before Valentine's Day (although the publication date was November 2012). It is a book, basically, on the philosophy of love.

The format of the book is someone asks a question and Alain Badiou answers the question about love. Peter Bush translated this volume, which I presume was originally French since the setting for this presentation was Paris.

Several intriguing topics about love are addressed. The first was a discussion of on-line dating sites and their claims. Seems these sites want to take chance, guesswork, and (presumably) heart break out of the equation. The presenter opines whether this is a way to find true love.

Many of the pieces take a quote about love uttered or written by a philosopher. Of course, as the introduction aptly points out, philosophers can often remain detached from love and make pithy observations about love. Until they get ambushed by love. Is love rational? Rarely. Love often is a seat of emotion and the heart can and may over-ride the head. I had a professor once who said when we fall in love and marry we have a period of insanity. If we didn't, very few of us would marry.

This small book is an intriguing read. While at times a "lost in translation" issue arose, overall the book was good in relaying what was originally spoken into readable English.

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