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A Bridge Apart
by David DiPillo
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Reviewed by: John L. Hoh, Jr.

A Bridge Apart is the story of a poor traveling salesman who struggles daily to make ends meet by selling the furniture he lovingly creates. We meet him as he crosses a bridge where his horse and buggy slide out of control. The salesman lays there with a heavy, broken wagon on top of him, a broken leg, and a dead horse. This tragic accident that nearly ends his life changes everything.

While laying in the snow the salesman hears foot steps. He thinks it's a wolf, come to eat him, so he closes his eyes.

But a tiny troll appears. He looks frail and weak, but lifts the wagon off the salesman. The troll nurses the salesman back to health (overnight) and finding the salesman lacking in actual sales skills, gives him an empowerment potion. But the salesman must make a deal: Every year for three years the salesman must return on the anniversary of his accident and pay a tribute of one half the previous year's income.

Three years doesn't seem bad. And the salesman would be free and clear after that! But will greed rear its ugly head? And what happens when greed seizes the salesman?

This small book can be read in a very short time. Its message is profound. It is a profound message of greed and avarice but also one of contentment and friendship and human nature.

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