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Sleep Talkin' Man
by Karen Slavick-Lennard
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Reviewed by: John L. Hoh, Jr.

Imagine having a spouse who speaks in his/her sleep. Imagine hearing things you normally would never hear your spouse say in his or her waking hours. A country and western song was written and sung in the 1970's about this, albeit in the song the wife learns about infidelity in the sleep talking.

The author's husband talks in his sleep. Not non-stop, just random things here and there. No more than 15 minutes; often just random utterances. But often these utterances were out of character.

Thus the author jots down things he says and tries to make sense of them. Many of the pages are just the utterances of her husband. Although there is the discussion about if he were to die and he was afraid she might shut off the tape recorder too soon and someone hearing the transcript could get the wrong idea.

But what is sleep talking? How does it happen? What does it say about the individual?

A very interesting book. You might want to read this if your spouse talks in his or her sleep!

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