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Remission of Sins: Prayers for Grace
by Clara Tucker
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Reviewed by: Maurice Williams

This is the third inspirational book by Clara Tucker. Tucker does an effective job bringing the Christian message in a concrete way to her readers. She divides her book into twenty-one short chapters touching on what God has revealed through Scripture, who Jesus Christ really is, being born again through Baptism, being spiritually transformed by choosing fidelity to God, and other topics. Each chapter advises how to apply these teachings into one's life and concludes with a short prayer asking for God's help.

This book is easy to read and is organized to permit access for finding the pages where things that catch interest can later be located. In her Introduction, Tucker writes about a young woman on the edge of despair who cries out to God You have one year to turn everything around for me, or I'm through! . . . I don't care anymore. Either you will make it happen or you won't. Starting with that situation of despair, Tucker traces a step-by-step path anyone can follow to find meaning in life by finally recognizing that God exists and starting to live according to his way. I'm sure many people have reached similar frustration trying to make sense of out of life in this turbulent twenty-first century where everything seems to be spinning out of control and where many young people take their own lives in despair.

Tucker encourages her readers to exercise fidelity to God by striving to avoid drunkenness, drug addiction, sexual misconduct, and choosing against violence, like bullying the weak and murder, activities that could easily create despair. She discusses the Devil, a real created person, who is rebellious against God, and is the instigator of human rebelliousness, of sin. Once locked into the Devil's influence, a time-tested way out is to appeal directly to God.

Faith in the Christian message is gradually disappearing. Even in our country, there is not much government affirmation of Christianity. Teaching about God is frowned upon in public education, and symbols of God and Biblical scenes are prohibited on public premises. A contrary opinion coming from the Theory of Evolution that God does not exist is taught in every public school. Surely this is adversely affecting our younger generation.

Books like Remission of Sins fill a real need. Many people, frustrated and defeated in life, need more than charity and government assistance to lift themselves up. They need God. This book will help them find God.

Purchase Remission of Sins: Prayers for Grace from

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