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Navigating Marital Abandonment
by Beth Durkee
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Reviewed by: Rachelle Carmichael

I was both pleased and privileged to meet Beth Durkee in person at a book fair recently.

Navigating Marital Abandonment, in Beth's own words, is a book which focuses on "the instance of an adulterous spouse abandoning his/her injured spouse for the other person and what kinds of behaviours you as the 'clingy and unreasonable' injured spouse should expect to see". She also includes what effects such behaviour has on children, and some "where are they now" stories about people who gave testimonies throughout the book.

I too, am a victim of a cheating spouse. I found the book appropriately short and easy to read. It was particularly helpful to me because some of the things my ex did left me feeling like I was crazy and imagining things. When I read this book I saw listed within the pages some of the same behaviours! I had been told until I was convinced that I had imagined them - but these things have actually happened to other people! What an eye-opener!

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