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How Katie Got a Voice: (And a Cool New Nickname)
by M.A. Patricia L. Mervine
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Reviewed by: John L. Hoh, Jr.

This book deals with children who are different. One different child is Katie, who suffers from some muscular incapacity. She sits in a wheelchair, cannot move her arms, and cannot speak.

Everyone at this school is different and has a nickname. But what nickname can Katie have? Most nicknames are the result of what a student can do. But Katie, it appears, can do nothing.

A speech therapist works with Katie. Or rather, works on a device that Katie can use. Now, by moving a button with her chin, Katie can make a picture, play music, or frame words into a sentence. She is able to do and say things.

And thus her nickname, CommuniKate!

The end of the book gives the young reader tips on how to treat people with disabilities. A disability ettiquette film can also be obtained to use with this book.

Purchase How Katie Got a Voice: (And a Cool New Nickname) from

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