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This Is Not My Hat
by Jon Klassen
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Reviewed by: Bob Walch

Here's a wacky tale about a little fish, a very little fish, who has the audacity to steal a big, a very big fish's hat. The little fish is convinced that he will get away with the theft and he intends to hide in some thick, some very thick seaweed. Will the big fish locate the little fish and get his hat back? What do you think?

The visual humor the illustrations in this book offer will surely elicit some laughs, but there's also a message here to about taking what does not belong to you. The little fish is sure he will get away with the hat (which just happens to fit him perfectly) but, alas, that's not quite how this cautionary tale ends!

Jon Klassen has illustrated many children's books but this is his second book where he's created the text as well. I Want My Hat Back was his debut and this little gem is certainly a fitting sequel that underscores Klassen's wry sense of humor.

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